Do you also have a mess about whether or not you have to drink gluten, sugar, hydrates ... or go beyond what the networks say?

It was gluten, sugar, carbohydrates that move away ... and as we get, how about we go to Monday without meat? Fashions also affect what we eatbut we don't always know to what we are giving up when we eliminate an important food group from our diet.

What happens when you eliminate carbohydrates.

Why do you pass from them: We are tired of hearing the famous say that they do not take bread, pasta, rice, potatoes or anything that carries carbohydrates. That they are an invention of the devil, gain weight, swell you, slow down your body. They are the enemy. It is normal that it happens to us to do without them if we want to get rid of a few kilos because we have heard it too many times.

Why you shouldn't do it: Carbohydrates are the gasoline that feeds our brain, they provide the glucose so necessary for everything to go on wheels. In addition, they are essential for us to recover after exercising or physical exertion.

We have consulted Lucia Martinez, a dietitian and nutritionist at the Aleris Nutrition Center and author of the blog Tell me what you eat and the first thing she told us is that carbohydrates are not the same as cereals. In your opinion it is impossible to have a healthy diet giving up all carbohydrates because as soon as you put a leaf of lettuce you are already taking hydrates. Yes, fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates. Another very different thing is to give up grains and potatoes. "Is it bad not to eat cereals? It depends, there are foods rich in carbohydrates that are better not to eat, such as pastries. But could we consider a healthy diet without cereals? Yes, because legumes, vegetables and fruits provide carbohydrates that our body needs. Yes, removing cereals per se does not guarantee a healthy diet ".

What happens when you eliminate gluten.

Why do you pass from them: You may be experiencing some symptoms that concern you such as fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, bloating or pain, but only by testing to see if you are celiac will you find out if you have a permanent intolerance to wheat gluten, barley, rye and (sometimes) oats. But dispense with gluten as fashion, because this or that celebrity works or because it seems (they sell it to you) as a healthier option it's more a fad than anything else.

Why you shouldn't do it (if you're not celiac): Gluten-free products are more expensive and harder to find than gluten-free options and you won't notice the difference either. Only in your pocket, Sure. To our reasoning, Lucía Martínez adds that there is a way to improve your diet by giving up gluten and by doing so you usually take much less pastries, cakes, breads, etc. because it is harder to access it.

What happens when you eliminate sugar.

Why do you pass it: It is the new enemy to beat. More and more professionals are alerting us about how dangerous and addictive it is. Responsible for obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Media stars like Jamie Oliver are working to get a law to regulate it and even to limit its consumption in some legal way.

Why are you doing very well: For Lucía Martínez, sugar is the food that we could do without anything happening. Or that what happened was really good. "Without a doubt, whatever your diet is, removing it is good. Yes it will improve your diet. Insurance. Added sugar is unnecessary and also counterproductive. The sugar that is healthy to consume is what comes in food: fruits, vegetables, etc. " He tells us that although WHO has already lowered tolerable highs, the recommended amount of 25 grams daily is a maximum not to exceed and that the exaggerated consumption of sugar in our society is partly responsible for childhood obesity, diabetes, etc. To the question of whether we have to become obsessed enough to give up a piece of cake on a birthday, he answers that it depends, that we cannot forget that it is not just the cake we take at the party, but that we have to make a count of whether we have had breakfast cereals (a lot of sugar), sugar in the mid-morning coffee (more to add), some prepared food (much more sugar), a cake with the afternoon coffee (come on, more), etc.

It is very easy to happily and unconsciously overcome the maximum recommended amount.

What happens when you eliminate dairy.

Why we eliminate them from the diet: Like the egg, dairy products have gone through moments of very low popularity and they have been blamed for a lot of problems. It has even been reasoned on many occasions that the reason is that the human being did not drink milk thousands and thousands of years ago and our body does not digest it well. If you don't digest it well, maybe you are lactose intolerant.

What happens if you pass them: For our dietitian and nutritionist, dairy products give us a protein part, calcium, carbohydrates ... The issue in this case is that you have to know how to choose them well: ""Whole milk, basic natural yogurt without more, good quality cheese ... And what we shouldn't drink are chocolate milkshakes, dairy desserts, sugary yogurts, etc."

In his opinion you can eat a healthy diet without dairy because there are many foods that can provide us with calcium such as cruciferous vegetables, small fish, etc. But, of course, we must be aware that we need to contribute that amount of calcium and all those nutrients to our diet.

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