Red carpet

Emily Ratajkowski dresses Zac Posen for the 2016 Emmy Awards

Tonight we're red carpet and the 2016 Emmy Awards They are responsible. A parade of familiar faces begin to reach the Microsoft Theater of Los Angeles where the presenter Jimmy Kimmel He will be waiting for you to conduct the gala. And there we find a spectacular Emily Ratajkowski who has opted for the blue Klein for the occasion.

The person in charge of your dress? It is none other than Zac Posen with a garment in word of honor draped. The garment perfectly follows the designer's philosophy of extolling the female body. And for this he had a mermaid cut where the tail was made up of dozens of flyers.

Video: Zac Posen & Emily Ratajkowski Break Down Her Stunning Emmys Dress. Access Hollywood (April 2020).