The magic of Christmas: you can dine at Hogwarts as if you weren't a muggle

Harry Potter fans, attentive: This next Christmas it will be possible to have dinner in the central dining room of Hogwarts without having to be enrolled in the school of magic and sorcery. The Warner studios in London offer this possibility for a slightly daunting price: 240 pounds per guest (about 272 euros).

The days chosen to represent the great Christmas party of Hogwarts are December 7 and 8, from 6 pm to midnight. He Great hall where dinner will be served It will be decorated with all the details of the film and attendees will take home a replica of the magic wand from one of the main protagonists. And representative dishes of the saga will be served, in addition to butter beer, of course. He dress code Dinner is gala, although the costumes of characters are very well received.

The price of dinner includes the tour of the studios and the bus to and from London. Tickets can be booked on this link from October 6 and attendees must be of legal age.

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