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Advertising also comes to Whatsapp. This is the ads that will reach your mobile

WhatsApp will have publicity. It is something we had already heard, but we were reluctant to believe. The ads will arrive even though, when it was created, the company promised that it would never have publicity. But that idea changed when the Facebook giant took over it.

When will advertising come to WhatsApp?

It will be in 2020 when we will have the first ads on WhatsApp. As reported in the Facebook Marketing Summit that is being held in Rotterdam, it will not be until that date when the advertising begins that has already reached other services that initially and as WhatsApp were 100% free of ads, as is the case of Pinterest .

What will the ads be like?

For now the chats will be free of publicity, because it will appear only in the WhatsApp states.

WhatsApp will bring Stories Ads in its status product in 2020. # FMS19

- Olivier Ponteville (@Olivier_Ptv) May 21, 2019

It really is not something that all users use, and they will look a lot like those that appear in stories Instagram They will be interspersed with user posts and as with stories, you can swipe or make click In case you want more information.

Yes, the company has not ruled out that in the near future ads can be inserted in the conversations themselves, in case the group chats were not, for some, enough punishment.

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