The four things that make millennials happy (really)

There is much talk about the Y generation, its lifestyle and its problems. At the beginning of the year, even the label #millennialburnout, which described it as a "burned generation", became viral reflecting the high level of stress of young people who have had to develop in a somewhat more complicated socio-economic environment than their parents.

But, among all those analyzes, one factor goes unnoticed: What makes millennial girls happy (really)? They, already adults, but immersed in their youth (is not youth a mood?), Continue waking the world, discovering the universe that surrounds them and, also, discovering themselves.

Deep down, millennials don't look for anything extraordinary. They just want to enjoy their life, own their time, know the world... and do everything in its own way, differentiating itself from the generation that preceded them. They want something as simple and complex as being happy, living experiences, identifying with their work and making the world a better place. And, although the universal recipe for happiness does not exist, these four ingredients are essential for the vast majority of those young people who proudly wear the label millennials.

Around the world in 80 selfies

According to a survey published by the Bank of America, 81% of millennials prefer to spend their money on traveling before anything else. No wonder: this generation has been raised in a globalized world and lives with a window to the entire planet on its table. A laptop is, so many times, the vehicle to fulfill your dreams: with it you can get those tickets to the country with which you have been fantasizing for years, be it Greece, Thailand, Argentina ...

But millennials do not travel in any way. They are experts in spending weeks planning their getaways, diving practically in those infinity pools of Bangkok (it is much easier to do it when you navigate from an Asus Zenbook 13, the laptop that minimizes the edges of the screen) and devising its routes.

They save each location that interests them in their Instagram folders ... and view their photographs before even taking off. Because the photos have become their souvenirs preferred: Millennials no longer buy magnets, they take selfies.

They share their images (perfectly edited) on their Instagram profiles and on their YouTube channels and, therefore, It is not strange to see them traveling with a laptop as an inseparable companion of their departures. From it, they empty the memories of cameras and phones, synchronize photographs with the cloud and even retouch, mount and publish their contents.

That's why they need their digital ally to be so fast and light as the Asus Zenbook 13. This 13-inch device, just over a kilo of weight and only 16.9 millimeters thick is suitable for both backpacking trips and those of three checked bags.

Creativity as work

Social networks and the digital universe have awakened the hidden vocations of many millennials, who choose to convert their careers and work as photographers, art directors, writers or video editors. Millennials, rather than working on what they have studied, want to work on what they like and makes them happy. What awakens your most creative side.

It's not just a matter of a handful of girls, but rather a generational point of view. As this article in The New York Times points out, young people love their work and are in charge of demonstrating it on social networks, even using the #TGIM tag (yes, 'Thanks God It's Monday').

Many, in addition, have chosen to live a life freelance, with all the good and less good that that implies. Being able to work from anywhere in the world (and thus joining your work passion to your traveling passion) is one of the advantages of that life on your own. And, yes, sometimes that means working from a coffee shop without plugs, but, with Asus Zenbook 13 and its 14 hours of autonomy, that's not a problem.

This laptop meets all the needs that may arise from the millennial freelance: Its keyboard offers an ergonomic typing position, its 8 gigabyte memory provides you with high performance and its facial and voice recognition functions make it a safe device that speeds up the most mechanical tasks.

The importance of the time factor

"I have no time" It is one of the most repeated phrases among millennials, who, whether for work or other reasons, feel that they do not dedicate time to themselves or to the people they love most and enjoy the most.

Being able to spend an afternoon with a plan as simple as watching a movie or series (the famous Netflix and chill), of virtual purchases or studying a workshop about his new great passion (from gastronomic photography to lettering or embroidery) is, sometimes, all your demand. Because this generation, unlike that of their parents, values ‚Äč‚Äčexperiences over possessions: as this study points out, 76% of millennial ranks prefer to live things over things.

That is, give a millennial a few free hours - and an Asus Zenbook 13 from which to watch and hear your favorite films with the highest quality - and you will make her happy.

Restlessness and activism

Millennials are not conformist; They are restless and fight for what they want. For a society that combats climate change, they join the Fridays For Future; and, for a feminist world, make feminism their way of life. They are not sofa activists, they, passionate in everything they do, create their own forms of activism: from a blog in which they explain how to live without plastic to a t-shirt brand that carries the feminist slogans of the demonstration to work.

Again, it is not a few isolated cases, but a common feeling: 74% of this generation, as this report points out, works actively to improve its environment from the prism 'think globally, act locally'. Millennial girls, proud as never to be a brotherhood, not only talk about the world they want, but they themselves build it.

Bonus track: a technological life

Some of these ingredients for millennial happiness are common to those of other generations. So what differentiates these girls from those a little older? Among other things, that you are young they make technology one of their fundamental tools for day to day.

They pay at the supermarket with their smartphone, order dinner with a smart speaker and not only work from their laptop, but they don't conceive their leisure without him: they use it to be informed, to decide how they will decorate their house, to talk with that Erasmus friend, to buy a one-way ticket to that new adventure ..., in short, to be happy.

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