A photographer turns his son into the protagonist of the most incredible photomontages

It's not enough to be a phenomenal photographer, too you have to be a master of digital retouching as Adrian Sommeling to create images as incredible as the ones shown below.

The inspiration comes not only from the daily life of this Dutch photographer and his family, the chaos of any family, but also from his fondness for popular culture, with adventure movies like The Goonies, Matrix, Jumanji, Indiana Jones or Hellraiser.

The most incredible thing about his work is not only his photo-realism, but how positive it is, the fun, creative and imaginative of each of its recreations.

This photographer comments that first build the images in your head, to continue adding elements. The result? An incredible three-dimensional effect.

In addition to making incredible photomontages, Sommeling shares his secrets (and shows them step by step) through your YouTube channel.

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