Two fake disheveled to copy from the hand of Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman

The great moment that the television series are experiencing has made in many of them the distribution is of category. It is the case of the series Big little lies which will be released later this month and whose premiere in Los Angeles has already allowed us to see several of its protagonists, such as Nicole Kidman Y Reese witherspoon.

Both presented themselves with a common denominator: their hairstyle. The two actresses chose Two messy hairstyles. And is that the false disheveled They are all the rage among celebrities for that casual and chic touch they give off in abundance.

In the case of Reese witherspoon He chose a low pick for which the hair was textured and very broken waves were made, even by the tilted bangs that framed her face sweetly. Like that wonderful makeup full of light in pink tones.

But if we look at it in more detail we can see which is a long low pick that passes the neck, as if it were a ponytail that bends to create a very disheveled bun. The different touch was achieved thanks to the fringe catcher.

Instead Nicole Kidman preferred a semi-picked mane with the same kind of disheveled waves. Broken waves help the hair look more body and at the same time follow this trend effortless so desired.

To collect the hair, strands close to the face were used and held back with invisible hairpins, thus achieving the semi-picked mane, and some strands were carefully left on the cheekbones.

We can already get an idea of ​​what the trend most celebrities are looking for right now to step on the red carpet. Will the 2017 Oscars be filled with false disheveled?

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