Do you prefer to travel by caravan or by boat? With this innovative invention you will have everything in one (and it is also beautiful)

One of the dreams of every traveler that boasts is to make a caravan trip. And the mini-caravans, in particular, have been a trend for some time, because of the versatility they offer and the possibility of moving with them with agility. What more could you want? Well… to travel on them by land and sea equally. That is the possibility offered by the Sealander mini-caravan, a dream of means of transport with which we could plan a wonderful holiday now that summer is approaching.

The truth is that Sealander amphibious mini-caravan is not intended for great trips with friends around the world. In reality, its interior has no more than 1.20 square meters of space, so It is the perfect option for a solo trip ... or with a very close couple. The advantage is that we can see the stars from an idyllic countryside ... or from inside a lake or in the middle of the sea.

With less than half a ton of weight, in addition, it is very easy to tow, and its interior, despite the small space, has very varied customization options: it can include a bed, a small kitchen, a refrigerator and even a bathroom. It has a price of 19,770 euros and, for the moment, it is only available in Canada and in Europe.

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