Temporary tattoos with smell and scented jewelry, the new Diptyque has not yet gone on sale and we already want it

That my house smells like Baies de Diptyque (72 euros) is no longer a secret, I told it recently when I published my opinion of the brand's infused mask. But what I did not tell was that, in addition to the candle, there is another product of the brand that always caught my attention: its solid perfume (79.95 euros). A balm that is applied with the fingertips. An unusual format (but very successful) that the French House has been selling for years and demonstrates its commitment to fragrances with original applications.

Therefore, I know that the brand will do very well with tattoos and scented jewelry.

Diptyque has announced that it will release a collection of perfumes in September called Prêts-à-Parfumer. The collection will consist of three scented stickers made of black satin, each with a different aroma and design: one in the form of a flower with the smell of Do Son, another in the form of a rose with the smell of Eau Rose and a third in the shape of a swan and smell of L'Ombre dans L'Eau.

As the brand has announced, the idea is that the scented stickers stick on the body, smell throughout the day and can be reused several times.

Further, the collection includes a scented bracelet and brooch. The two also available in the three aromas. The bracelet consists of a black and white cord and the gold-plated bird-shaped brooch will have a mini compartment on the back to fill with solid mini perfumes.

The price? Around 75 euros the tattoos, 120 the bracelet and 160 the brooch. A little high but being a fragrance of Diptyque and such an original format makes sense. Definitely a whim, but I have to try it.

Candle Eau Rose Solid Perfume / festes Parfum 3.6 g

Today on Amazon for € 79.95

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