Carmen March, the Spanish unknown by many who is petarlo in the world with her namesake signature

Not a year ago we announced that Carmen March returned to the load with her own signature after her short career in Pedro del Hierro Madrid. A Spanish woman who had things very clear and, above all, an impressive pleasure. The Cortefiel group's signature did not do very wellbut it was clear that she needs to fly by herself, today she has become one of the most international national firms and even Kendall Jenner has worn one of his designs.

Carmen March is a special woman, with a sublime taste and a very focused look on the international market. His press agency is located in Paris and in Spain you did not see too many familiar faces, perhaps by choice. Outside of our borders we can say that he is beating him, it doesn't take a year and there are already many stars of the style who want to wear these delicate and wonderful garments. It seems to me most of the most, but perhaps its weak point is the excessive cost of all your clothes. Abroad, design is highly valued and not so much the firm, but in our country, unfortunately, many still prefer to wear something with a logo than something with a spectacular design. What will this designer "made in Spain" hold?

Video: Piano Tiles 2 - Carmen Overture Synthesia (April 2020).