The first concept store of Kiko Cosmetics opens its doors in the center of Madrid

Kiko Cosmetics is one of the firms beauty most popular in the market. Raise your hand who has nothing of the mark on his bag! We have all fallen sometime. Therefore It is a news that the cosmetic brand has opened its first concept store in Spain. Specifically in the center of Madrid. And there we went to see it live.

The Kiko Milano store on the central street of Fuencarral has been closed all summer. And there was a good reason to do so: It has become the first flagship store of the brand in national territory. And of course, that deserved a good face wash. It used to be a hall with exhibitors full of products, makeup, masks and utensils beauty. Now it has become a futuristic design space that does not go unnoticed.

From this interior redesign It has been commissioned by the well-known Japanese architect Kengo Kunga With a very avant-garde and modern result. In total white from top to bottom, the sum of all the colors of the rainbow (or Kiko's palettes). The artist himself acknowledges that "he wanted the store visitors to fully enjoy the fun and open spirit of Kiko Milano and at the same time they could discover his most sophisticated side."

To this is also added the geometric motifs that plague the entire vaulted ceiling of the premises, in the form of a zigzag or K, the letter of the brand (and of the interior designer). But not only design lives the new concept store Madrid. It has also based its premiere on the use of technology, filling it all with ipads with a app which helps customers find the best products for your needs in a personalized way. In addition, in the development of this space, recycled materials and LED lighting have been committed, making it totally sustainable. It is what you might call a smart store.

To celebrate this new space, Kiko Milano has launched a capsule collection in collaboration with designer Isa Arfen called Asian Touch. All inspired by the East and its makeup and beauty trends. Eyeliners very marked, kohl black and very dramatic tones in burgundy and carmine tones. As soon as we put our hands on them we will tell you how the result is. Do you want to see the new store? It is already open to the public!

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