The opposite eyeliner changes the direction of your line, an optical effect in our eyes!

Internet is full of crazy trends. Of those that look cool but we would never put into practice at home, such as braided eyebrows or eyeliner of unicorn Among all of them, very occasionally, arises some that could really revolutionize the way we put on makeup every day with a little twist and without being eccentric. He eyeliner Reverted is one of them.

The idea is very basic and still confusing to process: it is as if the makeup is looked in the mirror and turned completely. At first glance it looks like a cat-eye of a lifetime, but if you look more you will notice that there is something different: the pointed side of eyeliner has changed direction. Indeed, the eye line is lengthened by the side of the nose, instead of growing towards the ends of the face.

It is subtle but fun. A different and easy to get touch (if you know how to make a eyeliner normal). Simply you have to change the chip on the side to which you build the line Y voilà! People will go crazy trying to figure out what's different about you.

In Jared Beauty | Eyeliner invisible or eyeliner floating trend makeup that takes full advantage of the negative space.