The 7 most sought after Halloween costumes of autumn 2017

Yesterday we were soaking in the pool and today we are preparing to celebrate Halloween. It's hard to believe it, but there is little more than a month left to find the perfect costume. That's why we bring you the seven fashion ideas that we know will be going to be this year. There is no longer an excuse to repeat with the same witch costume of all seasons. This time you will be the winner of the costume contest!

Pennywise, It Clown

Is the horror movie that has won the most this year, so of course it will be the star costume of the season. It comes to replace the (already) classic clown of Saw And surely you leave everyone terrified. You will find it on Amazon for less than 50 euros.

Wonder woman

This year everyone wants to become Wonder woman, the most fashionable heroine girlpower of the moment. At Amazon we have found everything you need to get it, including the headband, wristbands and straps that hold the shield. All this for 49.99 euros.

Donald Trump

If there is a controversial and easy-to-copy character that has taken the last year, it is the President of the United States. A Donald Trump costume is sucked, just steal the jacket suit from your father or partner, put on a blue tie and a pin with the flag of the United States. Ah, don't forget the toupee.

  • Primark suit jacket, 38 euros.

  • Tie with the colors of the American flag of Amazon, 10.95 euros.

  • Pin with the flag of the United States of Amazon, 2.60 euros.

  • Amazon Trump Trump wig, 17.80 euros.

Glow's girls

If you are looking for an original and different costume to go together with your whole group of friends, the Serie Glow is the answer. Eighty butt: you stick your hair, sided pigtails, fringes with a lot of volume, crazy colored wicks and styling.

  • Topshop sequins catcher, 10 euros.

  • XL belt with Animal Print Amazon leopard, 11.51 euros.

  • Asos fishnet stockings, 5.49 euros.

  • Warmers for studded dolls from Asos, 21.99 euros.

  • Body Topshop asymmetric red, 20 euros.

Pregnant kylie

That Kylie Jenner is pregnant is one of the biggest news bombs of the year, how strong! The brands have been quick to react to Halloween, making it the most thug costume of the year. Also, now that his sister Khloé has also announced her pregnancy, you can even do a look as a couple with your best friend. This is Yandy and costs about 55 euros.

Beyoncé and her twins

The most viral photo of 2017 and the cheapest and easiest costume to copy. Buy yourself some good ones floral curtains, wrap them all over the body and don't forget the blue curtain as a veil. Ask a pair of water lilies to a friend with children and ready to petarlo on Halloween!

Barb by Stranger Things

If Eleven disguised him last year, now that we have had time to digest the first season we have discovered a new girl crush: is Barb, with his eighties look granny so vintage. Would you like to dress up as her this Halloween? Take note.

  • Blouse vintage with Etsy flyers, 24.66 euros.

  • Square frame glasses from Asos, 9.99 euros.

  • Mom jeans Topshop retro, 55 euros.

In Jared | Have you lagged with your Halloween costume? We give you five ideas for which you only need an LBD.

Officer Rubie's Pennywise costume from the standard movie "It"

Today in amazon for € 47.50

DAA7A05C Red Blue Stripes Business boyfriends tie Microfiber fabric Gentlemen tie by Dan Smith

Today in amazon for 0¤

United States flag double pin

Today in Amazon for € 2.60

Carnival Toys 2100 Mr. Donald wig, One size

Today in Amazon for € 20.14

Beltiscool women leopard print patent leather round gray gray belt M / L-91.44 cm

Today in Amazon for € 11.67

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