These menstrual panties are the only thing I wear when I lower my period and the expansion of their brand is something we will all celebrate

Raise your hand who does not feel uncomfortable with the compresses, which move and end up being a gurruño. But there are also many of us who suffer from dryness with tampons and have not yet managed to put on the first menstrual cup. Therefore I wanted to look for alternatives and these menstrual panties They have become, for years, my solution.

The first time I heard about these menstrual panties, I had many doubts, especially with the issue of smell and moisture. But with the compresses irritating the area and the tampons giving me terrible problems of internal dryness, I was desperate and I threw myself to try them Without too many expectations.

What is special about Cocoro Intim panties?

Cocoro Intim is a Spanish panties firm of many types, from thongs to high-rise designs for those who need to feel more covered and protected on those days of the month. But all of them have something in common and is in the area of ​​the panties in contact with the vagina.

That's where the firm is committed to a triple layer: the first cotton to avoid allergies and fungi with moisture. The second, absorbent polyester, antibacterial and breathable To absorb the flow, it is hidden among the cotton. And the third layer is beautiful fabrics to give a touch of design to the underwear.

The theory is very good, but in practice my life has changed

If I can talk about something with experience in terms of containment methods on rule days, it is these panties. I have already two years using them and I recommend them to anyone who asks me. The answer is always the same: do they really work? Are they not uncomfortable with moisture? How do you wash them?

Yes, they do work. In fact, I don't remember the last time I found the blood stain on my pants, which tampons happen day and day too. The first day I have more flow and I accompany them with a tampon To avoid disasters. But then it is enough for me to change my panties a couple of times a day and forget about it.

When I say "forget you", it's real. Because the triple lining reinforcement works perfectly, without strong odors or discomfort of moisture. Yes it's true that Bridge area feels thicker and reinforced with fabric, but it's a feeling even comforting because it makes me feel more protected. I am going to anticipate a question that many have asked me: no, they do not swell like a diaper when they have absorbed too much menstruation.

As for the spots, obviously there are blood remains. In this, a solution has not yet been invented. But being black designs you do not perceive the disaster or the remains that may be marked in red. Further, they can be washed like any other panties and reused over and over again, so they are up to echo. Of course, avoiding softeners and washing 30 to not spoil its effect.

While it is true that its price is somewhat high, the truth is that they solve so much that I repeated again and again, until I have about eight that broken on days of rule. But if you are considering trying them, I recommend you start with one and see if you feel comfortable and if it is enough to absorb all your flow (there are proposals for scarce, moderate and abundant flows). I, at this point, did not change them for anything.

Their triumph has led them to expansion

When I started using them, I found them thanks to the wise Google. But very few of my friends had heard of them and today they are still quite unknown. Unless you have used the computer to find some menstrual panties, in which case they will work well up in the search engine.

Step by step, it seems that the firm Cocoro Intim has managed to specialize more and more in this much-needed female market. Because after two years since its creation, they are now in round of financing to boost the intimate brand, both in advertising and in internationalization. I, of course, consider that they should be even on the Moon, because they are the best thing that has happened to my vagina these days of the month.