Nine amazing places to receive 2018 if spending New Year's Eve at home doesn't go with you

Christmas is approaching and, with them, One of the most feared questions in the entire history of mankind: "What do we do on New Year's Eve?". If family dinners, gossip and hangover on the first day of the year do not fancy the slightest this year, it is time to dream high. With plans for all tastes and all budgets, here on the side or on the other side of the planet. Are we going to receive 2018 to any of these amazing places?

Luxury in style: the Ritz in London

London is one of our favorite destinations. And at Christmas, more. Therefore, if we fancy a plan of authentic luxury, we can throw the house out the window and join the party with more charm British from the whole city, the one held at the Ritz hotel. Specifically, in its restaurant, awarded a Michelin star, with a six-course dinner, flowing champagne and enlivened with a concert of classical music, a group of bagpipes and a military band. Of course, dinner is strictly gala and the plan becomes perfect if, at dawn, we go to stay in one of their suites. The price of the party is £ 1,500 per person (about 1,688 euros).

The ideal plan with children: Disneyland Paris

A stone's throw (and flight low cost) We have Paris. And, next to him, Disneyland and its wonderful New Year's Eve party. An afternoon-night in which the entire theme park will be filled with magic, memories of what has been 2017 and wishes for 2018. The party has its peak at midnight, of course, with the spectacular fireworks display that will take place over Sleeping Beauty's castle. Parties, dances ... the night will last what we want (or what the children endure). The price of admission to the party is 49 euros (29 for those staying in park hotels).

New Year's Eve in the sun: Bora Bora in luxury

If we want to receive 2018 hitting the whim of our life, a few days in a villa on the sea in Bora Bora may be the perfect answer. At the Four Seasons Bora Bora offer a pack New Year's Eve that includes different options: from an informal barbecue to a gala dinner, always among a heavenly landscape and in some villas that don't lack detail. The whim is not within reach of all budgets, since each night can cost us about 2,000 euros on average.

A thousand destinations in one trip: a Caribbean cruise

We are very used to associate the Christmas holidays with the cold, the snow and Santa Claus going down the chimney. But there are many places in the world where January 1 arrives with a radiant sun and a crazy desire to change the gala dress for the bikini and flip flops. To receive 2018 in the Caribbean, a good option is to enjoy a cruise that takes us to Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and other idyllic places, while We say goodbye a year that ends with a mojito in your hand and salt flavored skin. MSC offers its cruise in the MSC Harmony from 1,799 euros.

The most famous concert in the world: New Year in Vienna

If there is a dream event for any lover of classical music, this is the Vienna New Year's Concert held in the golden hall of the Musikverein. Watching the Radetzky march live, to the sound of the palms, instead of on television, it can be an unforgettable experience, while enjoying a few days in the Austrian capital, between Christmas markets and imperial palaces. Tickets are available several months in advance, so maybe this is the ideal plan to receive 2019. Different travel agencies offer packs to enjoy more or less days in Vienna, taking advantage of the concert attendance. The prices vary a lot depending on the type of concert ticket, the airport of origin of the flight and the category of the hotel.

The ball between skyscrapers: Times Square in its purest form

Few places are more famous in the world on December 31 of every year than Times Square. In the middle of the most famous screens in the world, the ball that marks the beginning of each new year descends. And of course, Receiving 2018 in Times Square will mean visiting one of our favorite cities, with all the Christmas plans we've seen hundreds of times in the movies: skating in Central Park, visiting the Rockefeller Center tree, observing the fascinating showcases of Fifth Avenue, self-giving us an afternoon of shopping in Manhattan ... toast in Times Square for returning a thousand times to New York. Access to Times Square is free but complicated by the crowds. The party starts at six in the afternoon, but the ideal place to take a good place is to arrive there before noon.

Brazilian party, beach and fun: reveillon in Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro is not just its well-known Carnival. At New Year's Eve, the party that is organized on Copacabana beach it is one of the most massive in the world, with an approximate attendance of two million people. The Reveillon It stands out for an impressive fireworks show, and every year Brazilians and visitors come to enjoy one of the parties of the year. The hotels closest to the promenade offer theme parties, good vibes abound and, don't forget who wants to attend, wearing white is almost mandatory.

First to enter 2018: fireworks in Sydney Bay

To be the first to greet 2018 we would have to go to Samoa or Kiribati, but, since reaching these idyllic places in the Pacific is very difficult, we we will conform with receive the new year with the spectacular vision of the Opera Sydney and the fireworks that will welcome you. Many travel agencies offer packages to receive the year in the Australian city, usually from 2,000 euros. If we want to see it from a boat or from a room overlooking the bay, the price (and availability) can skyrocket.

The mother of all parties: Viva Las Vegas

If there is a city that is synonymous with partying all year long, that is certainly Las Vegas. With more hotels per square meter than any other city in the world, all of them full of restaurants, discos, concert halls and casinos, the only difficult decision will be which one to opt for. The Circus of the Sun, David Copperfield, Britney Spears or Celine Dion they are just some of the classics of the city that will receive in it the new year. Tickets for shows start around 150 dollars, to which the price of the trip itself should be added. It will not be cheap, but unforgettable.

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