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The 17 off-road looks to cover any event from here to New Year's Eve

You look at the agenda here at the end of the year and it is full of events: concerts, dinner with the family, brunch with friends, office party, drinks with former co-workers ... Christmas of approach and everyone wants to organize something fun before the end of 2017, as if the world ends. And to be divine every time we bring off-road looks Depending on how you combine them, they can be more or less elegant to be sure.

The feather coat

A coat in nude tones that blends well with everything, and that serves you the same for a Saturday drink with friends, combining it with jeans and heels, than with an evening dress or with palazzo pants for a more formal and elegant look . It costs 299.99 euros in Mango.

The little black dress

The same goes for going to the office to go out to party. It all depends on the accessories with which you customize them. This short dress by Zara in black with star drawing, it will become the idem of your closet for 29.95 euros.

Lace dress

Delicate and romantic, this green guipure dress is the most elegant. With high heels, pretty or high boots, change style completely and transform into what you need. It is Mango and it costs 59.99 euros.

The palazzo pants

It is even more elegant if you wear velvet. If you want something simple, combine it with a white shirt or a black shirt. If you want something more elegant, wear it with a satin blouse. You will hit for 49.99 euros.

Sequin jacket

The sequin jacket is one of those wardrobe bottoms that solve many headaches. They serve to make simple black jeans more elegant. You have it in Mango for 49.99 euros.

Velvet dress

It is the star material of the moment and we understand why: it is very elegant and adds class to your look. This mustard dress can be yours for 59.99 euros.

The cross dress

These types of dresses fit almost any silhouette and size, and we always like to be favored whatever the occasion, so this strawberry dress with floral embroidery will make you feel well dressed at all times. It is a dress of Mango It costs 49.99 euros.

The Kimono

Nothing like putting an oriental touch to your look with a black velvet kimono from Zara To wipe out your style wherever you go. Its price is 49.95 euros.


A romantic blouse or a lingerie stop makes the male suit Feminize and look great for any event. In Zara You have a purple suit, the American one costs 79.95 euros, and the pants 49.95 euros. Fight him with a stole and the result will be even more glamorous.


The monkeys really stay trendy and suitable for all occasions. In H&M We found a black one with a classic style belt for 39.99 euros.

He emerald green monkey It is also very elegant to attend any appointment. Its price is 49.99 euros.

Midi skirts

A good option to wear girly in any event with midi skirts. They look good with shirts, shirts, blouses or even with an oversize sweater. We like the combination of black and white to step on safe, with this asymmetrical skirt Maje It costs 185 euros.

And in a much more romantic and delicate style we have this purple tulle and lace skirt that has conquered us. It is Sandro and it costs 225 euros.

Off-road skirt

That miniskirt is your favorite and it shows! It is perfect to go out at night but it is also correct for situations in which you want to go more elegant during the day. Faux leather, is Bershka and it costs 15.99 euros.

Silk shirt

It is one of the jewels of your closet, reserved for few occasions, but when you put it on, you feel like a princess. It looks great with jeans, with skirts, with black pants ... It's from Uterqüe and its price is 99 euros.

Bohemian deluxe

Another blouse of Uterqüe which is a delight for the eyes: with lace, transparencies and fringes, it fits well with everything to get a bohemian touch. It can be yours for 89 euros.

Pearl sweater

There is nothing to make a garment more elegant than to have the jewels included in it. Like this green jersey from Uterqüe with pearls on the neck. It costs 89 euros.

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