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The whole world learns to say "until the bun" thanks to Penelope Cruz and her viral video

But how rich is the Spanish language, full of meanings and phrases made, of those that are the same as a literary worthy of occupying the uppercase jota armchair of the Royal Academy of Language, as you seem to be surrounded by a handful of goats (with all our respects for goats, of course). The fact is that our linguistic richness has been tested by an almost perfect tandem: Penelope Cruz teaching Ellen DeGeneres Spanish.

You have me up to the bun

Who does not say this phrase an average of thirty times a day (call mothers, fathers, grandparents, self-employed, employed, retired, schoolchildren, ... and any human being worth his salt). It will be one of the great phrases (this or its somewhat more crude variant that denotes one more point of anger and fear for the counterpart that receives it), so what less to illustrate the Anglo-Saxon world with it.

Thus, this week Penelope Cruz has attended the Ellen DeGeneres program where she has shown her self-confidence teaching to pronounce this phrase to the presenter, although much more difficult to explain the meaning (unless we go to the Superbritanic with whom we could explain it as "You have me until the bun").

The moment is hilarious, a Spanish class worthy of being taken into account by the best teachers of our language.