Be beautiful: five essentials of the semama

Again we officially start the weekend with our best discoveries. I bring you today a facial product that you will love who have very sensitive skin... also one of the trends that is sweeping this winter (and that will surely continue during the spring), and finally an image that you will be recording on the retina. Do we start ?.

A plan

It has just opened in the museum Kronprinzespalais from Berlin an exhibition on the trajectory and key moments of the career of Gianni Versace, a designer who had a deep appreciation for Germany and its culture (so much so that his first fashion show took place in a small town in that country). A wonderful plan that you can not miss if you are lucky enough to visit this city.

A complement

This is the season of glasses cat eye, a perfect complement to give a sophisticated touch to even the most boring winter look. I confess that I have never had any, but I am seeing so many and so beautiful (how are you of Mango), that I will surely end up getting some.

A trend

Following the trends for this winter, another that is very strong are the laced shirts. You will see them in all kinds of materials and colors, so if you like this style, sign at least one because you will not stop using it for a good season (the one I show you is from Zara).

An image

You already know that this section is about my discoveries, but if at any time I find a product / service / news that is not essential at all, but that is news for some reason, I will always bring it to you. It is the case of these crocks, which in addition to strambotics has three characteristics that attract my attention: one, which are of Balenciaga. Two, which cost a whopping 800 euros and three, that in just a few hours have run out. I don't know about you, but I think it's the height of the exaggeration ... although we will surely get tired of seeing them in the Instagram photos of the 'top influencers'.

A product

If you have very sensitive and reactive skin (as is my case), you are surely looking for a product that calms it and that in turn gives it hydration. If this is the case, I recommend the new one Advanced Génifique Sensitive of Lancôme, a product that I have been using in recent months and that my heart has conquered me. Try to get a sample before to check their tolerance (although you will surely fall for their charms).

Which of our essentials do you stay with?

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