We test (and recommend) the Double Cleanse cleaner, the famous Glow Tonic and the Pixi Glow-O2 mask

There are many products that we use and of which we give you our most personal opinions, however always there is one that surprises us very pleasantly Y my last great discovery has been that of Pixi Beauty which has recently landed in our country. So, in this post I will talk about three key brand products that I liked a lot, three classics since it is really worth introducing into our routine, specifically, the 2-in-1 cleanser, tonic and energizing mask.

Double cleanse

We start with this cleaner that is very worthwhile. They are two cleaners in one, for faster, easier and infallible cleaning. On the one hand we have the solid cleaner which removes all makeup and even sunscreen and Contains Vitamin E that protects and softens, Camellia oil rich in omega that nourishes and mitigates, and Evening Primrose Oil It cures and moisturizes. And then, we have the cream cleaner that thoroughly cleans any residue.

And then, on the other hand, we have the cream cleanser which removes any remaining residue preparing the face for the rest of the steps. Thus, this second cleaner contains Vitamin C which provides collagen and protects the skin, Peptide Complex that relaxes and enhances, and Arginine It improves cell regeneration and elasticity.

As for my opinion it is a fantastic cleaner that, as I said, I was very surprised at how nice cleaning is and its results. Obviously it is one of those beauty routines that take time, which are not as fast as others, but the results are much better, worthwhile and that we have to receive with open arms because The skin thanks you.

So, the application is The next: We have a solid side, from which we take the amount as of a not very large coin, we heat it with our hands, and it becomes an oily product that is applied on the face and the makeup is removed perfectly, gently. Next, we remove the product and apply the cream part, massage, remove and finish the cleaning ritual.

The result is a clean, soft skin, and with a great feeling of comfort, and good appearance, without drying out, or turning off, quite the opposite. A big surprise, as I say and I recommend you try yes or yes.

The price is € 31, which is not bad because it looks like it will last a long time, you don't have to use a lot of product.

Glow tonic

We continue with another mythical product that everyone talked great and that has always given me good vibes. And yes, this tonic is what I expected.

It is a product that must be use better at night and during the day wear protection to avoid stains, since it has Glycolic Acid that is responsible for exfoliation (chemical peel, remember), so (I insist) use it only at night, after double cleaning.

It has a pleasant aroma, and in the application the skin suffers nothing, neither redden nor anything (as it has happened to me with other products with this acid and with greater concentration and that I have not been able to use on my dry and sensitive skin, they irritated and resected me). The opposite happens to me with this product, it calms, moisturizes and exfoliates the right thing. The result is that, with use (nothing is overnight), the skin looks much brighter and better looking, more resplendent and better looking.

Thus, This one does meet my expectations and his fame precedes him. Another product that I recommend because, together with the previous one, the experience is great with some results that are noticeable (always being constant, you know that if you look for miracles from one day to another, better to Lourdes or to a treatment center).

The price is € 23.50 the 250ml format that I will probably retire with him using only at night. So it is well amortized.

Glow-O2, Oxygen Mask

And then we have this other product that, perhaps, first, is the one that attracts the most attention. It is a oxygen mask It bubbles on its own and stimulates dull and fatigued skin (of which I know a lot). It is perfect to revive the skin by providing probiotics and nutrients to fortify and improve the skin, in addition to softening and brightening the skin by getting rid of dead and broken skin cells. Thus, in addition to probiotics, it contains caffeine and red gingseng that illuminates and nuances the tones.

So, I have used it once a week which is what is recommended, although they also give us room “when necessary”, rather I would say that you use it with a head and better once a week. It is a transparent product that turns white on contact with the skin and creates bubbles. Yes it's a bubble mask and I love it!

To begin, I must admit, that I love the effervescent feeling on the face, because you also notice how you are cleaning and expelling dirt accumulated during the week. Yes, it can sting a tad, but it is not something that scares or is uncomfortable. In addition, it is super fun, things as they are. What better than having fun in those moments that are so yours.

Another advantage is that in five minutes he retires, which makes it not a mask that makes us lazy to wear. The result is a super clean, soft and beautiful skin, illuminating instantly and improving the appearance. its price is € 34, whose price quality seems tight.

Pixi products are sold in Spain in one Sephora store selection, specifically in: Velázquez and La Gavia in Madrid; Triangle and Machinist in Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Carlos III in Pamplona; Vigo; Sephora Bilbao Corner; Malaga and the English Court of La Coruña. For now, physically only in those stores, but we can always go to online stores like Sephora (it does not have all the products yet), or that of Asos, for example.

For all this, and by way of conclusion, I will tell you that there are three cleaning and treatment products really good with those who love us a little more and with those who i know i will repeat, because they do not disappoint at all (The only bad thing I would put is the packaging which is not very colorful, things as they are). Just don't think this ends here, since There are more Pixi products that we have tested and of which we will talk to you too soon. Without a doubt, the British brand has conquered us, Welcome to our necessities!

Have you tried anything about Pixi?

The products were provided for testing by Pixi. You can check our company relations policy for more information.

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