Unleash the unbridled passion with 'Sì Passione' by Giorgio Armani. We tested it

If we have to choose a color that transmits the feeling of passion Our mind - automatically - detects an intense and striking red. Giorgio Armani this new season returns to introduce us new perfume and it does expanding the family of "Yes" with "Yes Passione", an original fragrance dedicated to all those women who like a floral-fruity aroma. We tested it and this is our final verdict (SPOILER: He has fallen in love with us!).

A luxury campaign

Cate Blanchett is a passionate, brave, self-confident, bold and very sensual woman, that is why we should not be surprised that the firm has counted, one more year, with her presence as a perfume image. Dressed with a two red pieces on a background of the same color, the Australian actress conquers us with her presence alone.

Cate Blanchett returns to be a perfume image

This new season the actress adds two heavyweights from the fashion world: the models Adwoa Aboah and Sara Sampaio pose with the fragrance to show that passion is something we have innate.

Adwoa Aboah and Sara Sampaio are part of this new campaign


The perfume catches you from the first contact: a soft but intense aroma floods the room and accompanies us all day with a single shot. It is one of those perfumes that seem very soft but are present thanks to a delicate smell. At no time its aroma bothers or tires, and at the end of the day the skin continues to smell like in the morning. In this sense, its durability is wonderful - the worst thing that can happen to us with a perfume is that it disappears within a few hours.

Its packaging follows the lines of the original perfume but, as we have said at the beginning, it is dressed in an intense red and is crowned with a black cap. In addition the letters and the small details in golden color add elegance.

  • Release Notes Pink pepper, pear, black currants and grapefruit.
  • Heart. Rose, jasmine, heliotrope and pineapple.
  • Background Notes Cedar, vanilla, Amberwood and patchouli.

Data sheet

  • Duration: 9/10
  • Packaging: 8/10
  • Price: 30 ml / 83 euros
  • Total: 8'5/10

The product was ceded for testing by Giorgio Armani. You can check our company relations policy for more information.