This is the pledge with which all influencers have coincided in the street style of NYFW

Good news for those who invested last season in a beautiful blazer Fashion. Because this fall comes back with even more desire to dress all our looks with sartorial airs. We don't say it, says the best street style of the world, that of New York. The influencers and it girls more fashionable have not feared to coincide with each other, they prefer to go all the same to leave the blazer at home this September!

The designs of paintings that were repeated so much last year seem not to have had enough. This fall they return to the load combined in new and surprising ways. Do you want not to get bored of yourself blazer? Give a change of look with a wide belt, collected sleeves or even a crossed fanny pack over it. These garments come with a reel for a long time, so we can take them out the whole game and amortize them to the maximum.

But we are not talking only about the pictures that your boss would take to the office. If not others much more colorful, fun and surprising. Designs overlaid in tan tones naïve like sky blue or fuchsia, impossible blends, geometric options seventies ... for all tastes! This season takes the clueless look, with very variants trendy Cher Horowitz's uniform.

The pictures are the trend mainstream, but do not leave out other fabrics and prints. The monocolor is also hitting hard, especially with autumnal hues and warm as curry color, passion red or peach orange. In this case they will be the absolute focus of attention, so we recommend you build the rest of the styling around them.


But when in doubt when choosing and the need for a very versatile basic, our recommendation is always to go for neutral colors, that you can wear again and again in a thousand different ways. Black, gray or raw that will be your allies from September until next summer, what a piece of companion!

In Jared | The shirt looks half tucked in (word of street style).

Video: The Pledge. 26th July 2018 (March 2020).